So You Want to Make the Air Waves? // Scott Smith Band- Whiplash PR

One of my focuses as an Indie artist, has been getting airplay. After I finished

My first album, that’s what made the most sense. Get the music out to the masses

And build a fan base that way. I started by contacting my local Public station and

Other ones that suited my genre. Soon I discovered that there are many internet

Stations that are small and hungry for new artists. They love to have you pop down

And give an interview and play music. During my time of connecting with one of

The local stations, a DJ’s asked if I had heard of That was where he downloaded

Most of the material for his shows. I joined pretty quickly and started connecting with

Stations around the world. The cool thing about APD, is that I get the same power as Record

Labels. I’m on there with Dolly Pardon, Greg Allman, Emmy Lou Harris etc. If you are

Considering that route, I recommend taking one of the weekly tutorials they provide

Before setting up your page. The presentation of you site is very important. I have close to 50 stations

Playing my stuff and when I post new music, they are right there to upload it.

I really appreciate that there are die hard music fans out in the radio world. They live and

breathe this stuff.  It’s great when I run into people who say, “they heard my song on the radio.”


Scott Smith