"Ladies and gentlemen, this here is the real thing."
-Chuck Taylor // Billboard Magazine

Thanks to many years of developing relationships with journalists, editors, reviewers, radio programmers and national and international contacts of all varieties, Whiplash PR & Management has been able to individually tailor its efforts by targeting members of the media who will specifically champion its clients. These personal relationships with the clients and media alike provide The WPM Team with a deeper understanding of each one's needs and talents, as well as the fuel to create the fresh, attention-grabbing pitches for which the firm has become well known.

Whiplash PR & Management is fearlessly creative in the pursuit of press coverage for its clients. As one of the the pioneers of the indie pr movement in 1996; hence 'indie publicist',  we chooses carefully which projects to take on. Whiplash staff is dedicated and enthusiastic and regularly goes beyond the call of duty, securing any opportunity that would be beneficial for the clients, whether it falls in the realm of conventional publicity or career development.

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Whiplash PR & Management simply produce real and immediate results; hard to find a more experienced and tenacious PR company and impossible to find one this impressive for the special 'down and dirty' package. Amazing!
Almost Awake (Tommy Boy Records)

That quote about well-behaved women rarely making history? That’s Rhonda. You’ll want to tone her down, but don’t. Just sit back and watch how she gets it done.  
Aster Grimm // The Twindows

I don’t think half of the success that “Songs from the Suck” had would have been possible without Rhonda and the good folks at WPM. She delivered on every promise that she made to me and was even able to get a review in 'No Depression'.  For an indie bluegrass artist’s first solo effort, that’s a pretty tough feat. I’m currently employing them for a 2nd release and the early press she has been able to muster for the release of the  ‘Moccasin Bender EP’ in Summer 2018 has been very helpful in moving the project forward into bigger music review and blog sites.
Randy Steele Band

"Rhonda works hard, and you had better keep up! She'll whip your ass into shape, and you'll be a better band for it. Rhonda's an excellent publicist, a great friend, and a top notch motivator!"
Venus Theory

"The whole team at Whiplash PR are so passionate about their artists, professional but fun to talk to at the same time...you know what they say..hardest working publicist in the biz" 
MTV News

"If you're looking for press, look no further. Rhonda is fantastic at what she does. She combines smarts, savvy, contacts, and outside-the-box thinking to get you the most for your project. She is the hardest working publicist I have ever met, and she gets results."
Alexia Erlichman // MusicGorilla.com

"The best in the biz" 
Suicidal Tendencies

""Rhonda is a strong, sweet, & super hardworking lady. Her team will get you past the thousands of ignored emails and virtual doors you've had slammed in your face trying to hack it on your own.She's got the contacts, the rep, and the gusto to get you the press coverage you need to reach the next level in your career." Erin Fox  Resilient Band

"You are one special publicist!!"
Alix Olson // Siren Music Records

"Rhonda is a tireless advocate for the indie artist. She works to make sure that we get the kind of attention we deserve, and has brought the music of many bands and artists to the ears of many who may not otherwise have heard them. Between her personal attention to each client, her flexibility in this whirlwind business, and her sincere desire for our success, there's no one like Rhonda. We couldn't do it without her! Thanks!!"
Emilie Autumn