Whiplash PR & Management Testimonies

Patrick Hinckly Jr // Reviewfix

"Rhonda is a pro. She gets great access to wonderful performers and makes any journalists job an easy one. I've worked with her for years and hope for many more."


Venus Theory

"Rhonda works hard, and you had better keep up! She'll whip your ass into shape, and you'll be a better band for it. Rhonda's an excellent publicist, a great friend, and a top notch motivator!" 

Voice Of Addiction

"I first worked with Rhonda on an EP release. I was so pleased with the results I decided to work with her again on the current full-length. She is beyond personable and has a strong love and desire to help the artists she believes in" 

The Ormewoods

"Rhonda & Whiplash PR & Management have been very influential in the development of many upcoming artists. She provides a unique service and works closely with them during the process. Her extensive lists of press contacts is impressive and growing. She is very experienced in the "music press" business. And just fun to talk to."

Alix Olson // Siren Music Records

"You are one special publicist!!"

"Rhonda is a glorious soul who will champion your music like no one else! I’ve been amazed by the amount of press, bookings, and music sales a result of our PR campaign. My podcast used to get 4-6 downloads a day. Now we are trending and we get 80-100 downloads a day."-Caroline Ferrantte

Scott Smith Band

"In an environment of shrinking publications and expanding musical acts, It’s important to work with an agency like Whiplash & specifically Rhonda, who has all the connections and is so dialed in. She tailors her press campaigns to the artist. She’s also a fan. She’s doing it because she loves music and truly wants success for her clients. We are about to work with them on a third release. Just do it! You won't be sorry"


"I want to thank you for all the great work you've done for me! I couldn't be more pleased with all of the reviews you've gotten for me. I just got back from my tour, and I'm finally getting my bearings. You have surpassed all of my expectations and then some."

Moe Green's Eye

"As someone who always views anything that has to do with the music industry with some degree of skepticism, Rhonda is a breath of fresh air, great insight and advice and knows how to get your music well positioned in the media to help a new band make an immediate impact, money well spent"! 

Joe Pagano

"Rhonda at Whiplash PR have helped me greatly with attracting attention to myself as an artist and my music. I’m glad to have her on my team because she cares and I trust her. She knows the biz inside and out. Her service is worth every cent and more!"

Frank & The Dirt Nappers

"I have had the pleasure of working with Rhonda  and her crew at Whiplash PR on my new album. I went into the project with minimum expectations as I'm smart enough to know the limitations of the music industry of a new artist with a select niche. With that said, I have received numerous (positive!) reviews and interviews through their hard work . I am very pleased with their efforts on my part and plan to continue the relationship in the future."

Emilie Autumn

"Rhonda is a tireless advocate for the indie artist. She works to make sure that we get the kind of attention we deserve, and has brought the music of many bands and artists to the ears of many who may not otherwise have heard them. Between her personal attention to each client, her flexibility in this whirlwind business, and her sincere desire for our success, there's no one like Rhonda. We couldn't do it without her! Thanks!!"

Tim Houlihan // Americana Songwriter

"As someone who has had some level of success in the music industry before, you tend to hear a lot and not see a lot, Rhonda tells it like it is and more importantly delivers, I have  been very happy with her efforts and plan to use them again and again". 

MTV News

"The whole team at Whiplash PR are so passionate about their artists, professional but fun to talk to at the same time...you know what they say..hardest working publicist in the biz" 

Doc Fell & Co.

"Rhonda & her team are a force to be reckoned with in the best way possible! I thoroughly enjoy working with her. She is thorough, precise, and will never waste your time. Thanks for being awesome, Rhonda!"

Alexia Erlichman - MusicGorilla.com

"If you're looking for press, look no further. Rhonda is fantastic at what she does. She combines smarts, savvy, contacts, and outside-the-box thinking to get you the most for your project. She is the hardest working publicist I have ever met, and she gets results."

Mark DiLillo // Welsh Avenue

Rhonda is a force of nature. They went to work right away and results were produced quickly. Rhonda is very personable, irreverent ( in a good way) and  makes working with the crew easy. I feel lucky to have a spot on their roster.

Noah James Hittner // Owner of The Ark of Music

"FIRST, as a professional music blogger who refuses to review poor music, Rhonda has made my job immeasurably easy by doing one simple thing:  She always sends me great music by acts that are loaded with talent. SECOND, as a recording artist and performing musician, I would consider it an incredible honor to be one of her artists. You see, with Rhonda it's talent first, money later. If you don't believe me---look at her roster and rates. Then, practice some, and see if you're good enough to make her squad". 

Chuck Taylor // Billboard Magazine

"Ladies and gentlemen, this here is the real thing."


"Because of her belief in me, I now have doors being opened that previously were shut solid. So I say to all of you who are/were in my position……  Believe in yourselves, believe Whiplash PR and believe that there is someone out there who will help you make your music passion a career!" 

Howard Simon // Lawyer

"I've been working with Rhonda for many months now, and I can't praise her highly enough.  She's been an amazing advocate for my music, and because she has strong contacts throughout the indie music community (and because she's kinda pushy . . .), she's been able to get my music heard and reviewed (positively, I should add . . .) by a good number of outlets.  She's certainly gotten me a lot of exposure that never would have happened otherwise.  She's also become a friend -- she cares deeply about her clients and is a warm and generous person. If you're looking for strong support with a personal touch by a lovely person, Rhonda's the one!"

Vice President of Sales // Mediabistro.com

"Rhonda is truly one of the most gifted PR professionals around; she really gets the job done!"